i shot the sun

April 20, 2007

i shot the sun
nothing much happened

nothing that i’m aware
of anyway

i suppose someone a mile
away could have been killed


March 29, 2007

my muse is a slut
she came or, rather,
more accurately, i did
yes, i know that was cheap
but the point of this diatribe
is that, clearly, she left
and is blowing someone else now
this is the only explanation, as,
obviously, i’ve got dick

title 2

March 27, 2007

what was here demonstrates
the appropriateness of the
name of this category

an attempt at poetry

it was not successful


March 24, 2007

the voracious reader of periodicals relaxes
exorcising in circles

the housecat eyes her contemptuously
hissing occasionally

that which rages within
is thought to attack from

and so the voracious reader of
chases her tail

which is odd for a cat